What about the maximum supply of bedroom wall sconces by CEOU Lighting per month?
CEOU Lighting Co., Ltd. has our own factory. In order to handle large orders, we have introduced a complete set of manufacturing machines and innovative technologies to carry out large-scale production of wall sconce to meet customer requirements. In the busy season, we have the ability to effectively process orders to provide the best service.

As a large manufacturer of bedside table lamps, CEOU Lighting Co.,Ltd. is competitive in its industry. CEOU Lighting's art deco floor lamp series include multiple types. In the design of CEOU modern hanging pendant lights, many factors have been considered. These factors include the motion, forces and energy transfer involved so as to determine the sizes, shapes, and materials for each element of the machine. The product provides a uniform and bright light output. The product is not prone to scratches. Its anti-scratch coating acts as a protective layer which makes it more durable. It emits light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light.

The practice of surface mounted ceiling light will be the focus of CEOU Lighting Co.,Ltd.’s work in the future. Contact us!
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