What about FOB of indoor wall sconce lighting ?
Please contact our customer Support regarding the FOB for special items. We will clarify the terms and requirements immediately when we begin the negotiation, and to get everything in writing, so there's never any uncertainty on what has been agreed upon. If you are unsure about which Incoterms is more beneficial for you, or you have any additional queries, our sales specialists could help!

CEOU Lighting Co., Ltd. Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer which is devoted to promoting art deco floor lamp industry. CEOU Lighting's led surface mount ceiling lights series include multiple types. During the design stage of CEOU decorative floor lamps for living room, many design principles have been considered by the designers, including anti-fatigue performance, structure reliability, loading performance, components performance, and other mechanical properties. It has an anti-glare function, which can effectively reduce eye strain. This product not only meets the social production demand for energy and efficiency, but also provides a guarantee for the diversified development of high technology. With no warm-up or cool-down period, it has a faster switching function.

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