Signs Your Dryer is Malfunctioning

Dryer Problems: Diagnosing Common Issues

Is your dryer not drying clothes properly? Does it take forever to complete a cycle? Do you need more than one dryer load for the day’s laundry? If so, then you might be experiencing some common issues with your dryer and you are considering dryer repair.

Dryer Repair

Dryer lint build-up is the most common cause of dryer problems. Lint can accumulate in places you wouldn’t expect, like the vent line! If your dryer takes too long to complete a cycle or doesn’t seem to be drying properly at all, check for any signs of lint buildup first. Because it restricts airflow and prevents heat from reaching clothes effectively, this accumulation will make your dryer work harder than normal – which means that not only does it take longer for each load (and more energy), but that they also may end up being less effective overall because the machine has to keep turning on and off as it waits its turn with your other appliances.

Another common problem with a dryer is a broken, damaged or missing belt. When the belt breaks, it can cause not only an increased level of noise while the machine operates but also lint and dust accumulation – which we just discussed above as one of the most common problems in this blog post. If you hear excessive noise coming from your appliance when running through its cycles (especially after removing any lint), check for signs of damage on nearby belts first before calling in professional help.

If you own a gas dryer, the most common issue is that it’s not igniting. If this happens to your appliance, just check the pilot light – which lights automatically when you turn on the heat setting of your machine. Make sure that there are no obstructions or debris near where this flame should be located, and that all connections are secure (including electrical wires).