How to Plan and Design a Website for Roofing Companies

A Content-Driven Approach

Choosing a design for your website is an important decision that will affect the success of your business. Different types of designs appeal to different audiences and it’s important to choose one that resonates with you and your audience. The content on the site, including text and images, is very important as well because it helps tell the story about what type of company you are. In this article we’ll outline how to plan and design a website for roofing companies so that both visitors and search engines will find them easily!


The first thing to do is to define your target market and analyze what appeals to them. For roofing companies, the focus should be on commercial rather than residential customers – this will help you create a business that can grow beyond just small-scale jobs since it’s more common for larger buildings such as schools or office towers require roofs replaced. The ideal audience contains people who are interested in both purchasing materials and hiring professionals so content about both of these things needs to exist on the site if you wish to keep visitors around long enough for them to consider making an investment with your company.

Once you have defined your target market, start looking at designs that appeal most strongly towards those users! Here are some example website themes which might work well:

When choosing colors, you want to stick with something that fits your brand well. Colors are often used in logo design, so it’s important the colors of your website match up with what people might expect from looking at your business card or signs outside of a building!

As far as text goes, make sure not too include too much on each page since this can overwhelm visitors and lead them away before they have time to consider doing business with you. Instead, use short paragraphs interspersed throughout images which describe what is being shown. This way you don’t needlessly fill space but rather give users enough information for them to understand who you are and why they should do business with you!