How to Declutter Your Wardrobe

Get Custom Closets

We all have clothes that we don’t wear anymore. Sometimes they’re a little too tight, or maybe they just don’t work with the season. But what do you do with them? Well, there are a few options, but one of the best is to get custom closets from Closet Factory! With custom closets, not only will you be able to declutter your wardrobe and free up space for other clothes, but you’ll also be getting organization that works specifically for your needs.

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what you have, which can be a little bit of an overwhelming process. But once you get started, it becomes much easier! First step is to decide if the clothes are in good enough condition for resale or donation . Some people might think that just because something doesn’t fit now means they should throw away their old clothes. However, there are many places where bigger clothing will be accepted by charitable organizations — and not only will this declutter your wardrobe , but also help other people who need the items more than you ever did.

Custom Closets

For those pieces that aren’t worth keeping around anymore, even as donations , it’s time to start divvying up your closet into piles ! This part tends to be a little bit more difficult, as people often have strong emotional attachments to their clothes. However, this is the only way that you can really determine what goes with what and which pieces are worth keeping around for another season .

Once it’s time to start actually going through your piles , take everything out of your closet or wardrobe at once . That means taking down clothing from hangers as well as folding up anything on top of shelves or in drawers. Then lay them all out across your bed — yes, even those things pushed off into the corner! Once they’re spread out before you, ask yourself again: Do these pieces still fit my personal style? Are there any holes in it that I need to patch before wearing? Does this work with the season? If you can’t answer yes to any of those questions, it may be time to let that piece go .

And don’t forget about skirts and jackets! Sometimes these are easy to miss when going through your clothes. Skirts usually require special attention because they’re often just as difficult to store as pants , even though most people think only pants need custom closets or walk in closet organization solutions