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How about the quality management implemented in CEOU Lighting?
In CEOU Lighting Co., Ltd., the pass rate is over 98% in every test of finished products. This is evidence of quality management results. We attach great importance to the quality control of materials. We have conducted a comprehensive assessment of the material supplier's history to determine its manufacturing reliability. Thanks to high quality products, we are respected by our customers and users.

Under the strict quality control and professional management of art deco floor lamp, CEOU Lighting Co.,Ltd. has developed into an internationally renowned brand. CEOU Lighting's modern pendant light series include multiple types. The workpiece of CEOU modern pendant light will be fabricated in a professional manner. Their dimensional stability and mechanical properties will be guaranteed with high quality after cold and heat treatment. It is not affected by cold temperatures and will startup soon even in subzero weather. The product perfectly combines the compact structure and functionality. It has both artistic beauties and actual utilizing value. Frequent switching does not reduce its life expectancy.

CEOU hopes to bring customers with best user experience for art deco floor lamp. Ask!
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