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How about CEOU Lighting independent R&D capabilities?
CEOU Lighting Co., Ltd.'s R&D capability is considerable in the industry. We have an independent R&D division working on extensive research and development activities ranging from basic research to the development of products. We contribute to the progress in the industry through R&D activities achieved in the facilities equipped with advanced equipment and innovative ideas.

CEOU Lighting Co.,Ltd. is an expert art deco floor lampmanufacturer with a extensive market share. CEOU Lighting's bedside table lamps series include multiple types. The production processes of CEOU pendant chandelier are strictly done according to the mechanical equipment industry, including the surface spraying, electroplating, and components assembly. The encapsulation technology protects its chips from jarring and bumping. The adoption of this product promotes the reform of production methods. Manufacturers can be seen in the increase in labor productivity and the reduction in human capital costs. It emphasizes the singularity and abstraction of interior decoration.

CEOU Lighting Co.,Ltd. will continuously improve technological, industrial and global market competencies. Inquire now!
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