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Has indoor wall mount led light fixtures passed the QC test?
Before shipment, CEOU Lighting Co., Ltd. will conduct a complete procedure to test wall mount led light . During each process, we will strictly guarantee the quality of the products from raw materials selection to a finished product. Each product produced by us has passed strict QC test.

CEOU Lighting Co.,Ltd. has its independent factory to manufacture art deco floor lamp. CEOU Lighting's bedside table lamps series include multiple types. A series of electrical tests must be performed on CEOU surface mounted ceiling light. They include interference tests such as static, harmonic and voltage fluctuation tests. Being much cooler than incandescent lights, it reduces the risk of burnt fingers. After using the product, the hotel found that the overall consumption stickiness and satisfaction of the guests have improved significantly, and this satisfaction has continued to increase over the past years. It can be designed dimmable and will work with any standard dimmer switch.

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