Considerations for Going with a Real Tree or Artificial One

Which is Better: a Real or Artificial Tree for Your Yard

When you’re decorating your home for the holidays, it can be a tough decision to decide which type of tree you should buy. Do you go with a real one that will provide an earthy scent and natural beauty to your home? Or do you go with an artificial tree, which is more convenient because they are easy to store after the holiday season has ended?

The biggest difference between the two options is that real trees are grown on farms and tend to be more expensive than artificial ones. They also can grow quite large depending on the type of tree you buy, which means they will take up a good amount of floor space in your home during the holiday season. You may even need some help getting them set up since they come in boxes with lots of parts attached together!

Artificial Tree

Real Christmas Tree Pros:

Natural beauty – Some people prefer natural greenery because it’s so much easier for us to appreciate nature when we see it all around us instead of just looking at photos or watching videos.

Smell nice – The scent from a real tree brings back childhood memories for many people who have decorated their homes with them every holiday season.

Sustainable – Real trees are grown on farms, which means they don’t require manufacturing to make them like artificial ones do. They can be replanted after the holidays are over so that another tree will grow there in their place next year!

Real Christmas Tree Cons:

Large size – Some people have small homes or live in apartments where real trees won’t fit during the holidays without pushing other things out of the way first.

More work – It takes a lot more effort to set up and decorate a real tree than it does an artificial one because you’ll need help getting everything attached together before putting it into its stand since each branch comes separate from all of smaller branches around it. You’ll also need to water the tree daily and clean it up when needles fall all over your floor!

Artificial Christmas Tree Pros:

Small size – Most artificial trees are much smaller than real ones because they don’t have hundreds of branches that come in different lengths.

Convenience – You can set them up quickly, which means you won’t need any help from other people in order to get them decorated during a hectic holiday season. And since they’re already made out of metal or plastic with their parts attached together, there’s no assembly required either before putting into a stand once you’ve taken it out of its box.

Easy storage after the holidays end – When January comes around, most people want to remove everything that reminds them of the holiday season. But real trees can be a pain to take down and store somewhere, which means you’ll need some extra space in your home for it until next Christmas rolls around again!

Artificial Christmas Tree Cons:

Theft risk – Because they’re smaller than real ones, there’s also a much higher chance that someone may try to steal one from your yard if you don’t have a fence up or any other security measures set up outside where people could see it happening.

Not as natural-looking – Artificial trees don’t look as nice as their natural counterparts because they lack all the branches and leaves on each section. They might even have plastic “needles” instead of real pine needles like most trees have.